According to the News Times, our local area is a pretty safe place for Halloween Trick-Or-Treating. Statistics compiled from FBI violent crime data back in 2016 indicate that Ridgefield is the safest town for our kids on Halloween. Brookfield nabbed the #4 spot on the list.

No Danbury?

There were 14 towns listed in the article and Danbury is not one of them. I live in Danbury, and I'd like to see the Hat City climb that list so let's get it together, y'all. Here's what chaps me about this list, it's not that Danbury did not make it, it's that it exists.

Do you realize if we could get adults to behave and stay out of Halloween, we could send our kids out into the streets like a pack of wolves? We could let them go have a good time, and they would all come home alive.

Adults are, AGAIN, the problem with society. Yes, SOCIETY

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