It's the weekend before Christmas 2023, where are you going for last minute shopping? I know, most of you will have already Amazon'd it up, but there are still quite a few of us that love brick & mortar shopping. If you're still drawn to the shopping malls around Connecticut, don't forget to check out SoNo Collection in Norwalk, it's one of our best.

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I saw the tease of an article yesterday from that stated that Danbury and Westfarms Malls have been Connecticut's busiest malls this holiday season. I've actually been in both over the past week, and I hit SoNo Collection. Sono Collection is very different, the trip bring you the most satisfaction. Why? Unique stores and restaurants.

SoNo Collection is the newest mall in Connecticut, it opened up in 2019, and if you're claustrophobic, this is the mall to shop. SoNo Collection is a massive structure, it's similar to the multi-level Stamford Town Center, but the stores are all about the size of a big box retailer, with minimal obstruction along wide open concourses. Some are multi-level, and even hidden, check out Camp, it's really cool.  Many unique, upscale restaurants, like Pinstripes, a sports bar that features indoor bowling lanes and bocce courts, or Jacob's Pickles, which serves up Southern favorites.

Also, if you're in for something different and maybe a little less upscale? Take the ride up 84 past Hartford and check out the Buckland Hills Mall area and Evergreen Walk in South Windsor.

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