A disturbing scene played out recently on the anniversary of September 11 in a Connecticut pizzeria when a woman began insulting and then allegedly slapped a US Navy Sailor as he was leaving the establishment, according to an article on newsweek.com.

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The incident occurred at Central Pizza in Berlin, Connecticut and was captured on video and many on social media. Check this out.

According to WFSB TV, Berlin Police said they have a probable identity for the woman who thought the Navy sailor was a fake, as you saw in the video. However, according to Berlin police, the woman physically assaulted the sailor.

Police say they had received several tips regarding the identity of the woman. The U.S. Navy sailor, Sean Nolte Jr., identified himself online as the man who was the object of her anger.

Nolte posted on his Facebook page that this woman walked into the pizzeria and began staring at him. This is what he had to say about the incident:

Her parting words to Nolte were, "You disgrace the U.S." What is wrong with people?! The video was originally posted on TikTok and in the comments of Nolte's Facebook post.

Doesn't this make you angry? If you had been at Central Pizza in Berlin and witnessed this act of insanity, would you get involved and confront the woman or be a spectator?

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