Where can you find a python in your laundry room? Florida, you say!

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Originally from Branford, Connecticut, Wendy Visnic had just opened the lid of her washing machine in her West Palm Beach, Florida apartment. Looking up at her was a live, hissing ball python hanging out on top of her wet clothing.

It appears that Wendy didn't heed the warnings about moving to Florida (Florida, you say) that Lou and I pass along to our radio audience daily. What does one do when coming face-to-face with a hissing python? Here's what Wendy told Hearst Connecticut Media, "you probably heard it from Connecticut, I screamed so loud. It started hissing and moving...oh, my God!"


Will Emily Visnic be scarred for life after her up-close-and-personal encounter with a hissing slithering python? Emily told her mom as traumatic as her experience was, the media coverage, at least, made it fun.

Emily should know that according to the website, healthline.com, for those who enjoy the company of snakes, ball pythons make good pets. They are non-venomous and somewhat submissive but can bite on occasion.


How about some ball python fun-facts?

  • They like to be held by curling around your arm.
  • Ball pythons can live to be 25-years-old.
  • They are considered sacred to a tribe in Nigeria.
  • They like to frolic in the water.
  • Ball pythons will make a 'hissing' sound if they feel threatened.
  • They are on the endangered species list because they are hunted for their skin.
  • Make sure to feed your python pre-killed mice. Feeding a python a live mouse could endanger your pet python.
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