A middle school assignment in Oxford has caused disapproval among parents.

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The 'slavery simulation' originated on the National Geographic website and was pitched as an educational resource. The learning tool was titled, 'Journey to Freedom' but has been removed from the site according to an article on the website, ctinsider.com.

National Geographic spokesperson, Lee Poston told Oxford's school Superintendent, Jason McKinnon, that the learning tool was designed to teach students about the 'Underground Railroad' and the tragic role that slavery played in this country." 

The assignment was a simulation that required students to represent slaves escaping to freedom. After the 'slavery simulation' homework assignment became public knowledge, it caused a social media firestorm.  The following are examples of messages from Twitter.

My 13-year-old sister's school gave her a homework assignment to be a SLAVE.

Another tweet reads:

This is disgusting. This is living in BLACK trauma and re-creating Black trauma for what? This is the worst assignment. The education system is really going downhill.

I'm not sure if the individuals who wrote these tweets read the entire article. Whether you're a parent or a 13-year-old middle school student, I welcome your comments about this 'Journey to Freedom' assignment.

After Superintendent McKinnon talked with the student's parents along with the students and the teacher, he said, "All agree it was a poor decision and it has been dealt with and corrected. 

The Oxford teacher who was responsible for the assignment told Oxford Board of Education president, Stephanie Miller, that she trusted the simulation because it was offered through National Geographic. After speaking with Superintendent McKinnon, the teacher told him she regretted her lesson plan decision.

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