The Wilton Library's robotics team has clinched a spot in the World Championships and now they're heading to Detroit.

Ten teens from Wilton who make up the team 'Singularity Technology' have been down this road before and have come close, but this year they've hit the big time according to an article on the ctinsider website. Not only have they earned the honor of competing in the 'FIRST Tech Challenge World Championships' but they also came in first place in the state competition.

The 'FIRST Tech Challenge' is for students in grades 7 through 12 who compete by designing, building, and programming a robot that goes up against other state winners.

In September, each robotic team is given instructions as to what their specific robot must be able to accomplish. Points are scored by programming its robot to follow through on certain tasks.

The mission for this year's robot is to collect yellow plastic blocks and then transport the blocks and stack them at the other end of a 12-foot-square field. When team members were asked about how they've managed to successfully accomplish the mission, they talked in terms that I couldn't even begin to explain like, 'intake system,' 'dual slide system,' and 'water jet cutter.'

Wilton's robotic team 'Singularity Technology' will be traveling to Detroit for the world championships where some 400 teams will compete from April 29 through May 2 where I'm sure they'll do Connecticut proud.    






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