Zippia ran a study to determine the grossest state in the nation.

They did so weighing factors like: air quality, percentage of landfills, the amount of people admitting to wearing Crocs, Mayo recipes searched in the state and flu rates. When all was said and done, Connecticut came in at #7 on the Grossest States list with Virginia taking the top spot.

How did our neighbors do? New York was number 10 and NJ at 6.


Mayo recipes had to be the thing to do us in, how the hell could we rank so high? If you drive around this state, looking and smelling your way around, the last thing you would be is grossed out.

If you are like me, you'd try to find a way to afford to live here no matter how high the cost of living goes and it's through the roof. I'm rarely grossed out in CT, I am pissed off sure, over taxed, yes but not grossed out.

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I'll admit there are some gross places in NY and NJ, that don't stop with the smells and the ugly visuals. Upstate, NY is atrocious to look at in certain areas like Albany and Northern, NJ smells like a hot dumpster, those are gross.

In case you are wondering, Alaska was last on the list which makes sense, less people equals less waste, means not that gross. You also have to weigh that against the job opportunities in Alaska. If you watch the Discovery Channel, you know the only job you can have in Alaska is commercial fisherman.

P.S. That line about Alaska was a joke, the dig at Albany wasn't. If this sentenced helped clear up the confusion for you, you a massive problem.

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