If you're going through quarantine fatigue, imagine being holed up in a cave for 30 days.

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The Stamford Advocate has confirmed that Madison, Connecticut resident, 38-year-old Michael Falcone, along with five other tourists, spent an entire month hiding out from the Coronavirus.

Falcone's story is what made-for-TV movies are all about. According to NBC News, Falcone and five other tourists were staying in a hotel in the town of Muni Ki Reti located in India when they all ran out of money.

From their unaffordable hotel room, the six of them moved to a cave near the Ganges River, according to the Laxman Jhula Police Department. They moved into their new digs on March 24, and the timing couldn't have been any worse.

On the same day, India's Prime Minister issued a countrywide lockdown to combat the Coronavirus. And so began Falcone and his five travel mate's month-long cave quarantine in Uttarakhand, India.

Uttarakhand India police rescued the temporary cave dwellers who were all tested for the Coronavirus, and all results came back negative. They are currently a part of a 14-day quarantine at a spiritual sanctuary before they're allowed to return to their home countries.


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