Don't be surprised this summer if you see your friendly neighborhood ice cream truck looking a little like a school bus.

A bill requiring ice cream trucks to install safety and warning equipment was recently approved by Connecticut's state House of Representatives and is on the way to Governor Lamont's desk.

According to an article in the Hartford Courant, the trucks will be required to install flashing lights, caution signs, signal arms, and front convex mirrors. The motivation for the bill came from the parents of 10-year-old Tristan Barhorst, who lost his life when he was struck and killed by a driver in Wallingford after buying a SpongeBob SquarePants pop.

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The bill passed by a 33-0 vote in the Connecticut Senate last month and just recently passed by unanimous vote in the House and will be signed by the Governor. I'm sure you remember when you were a kid and that ice cream truck turned onto your street, and you went absolutely crazy!

The new bill also stipulates that drivers will need to stop within 10 feet of ice cream trucks displaying their flashing lights. In addition, if a road's speed limit is over 25 mph, the trucks are prohibited from stopping, and adults must be with their children if they're crossing the street to approach the truck.

What was your favorite ice cream treat when the ice cream man came calling? Of course, my go-to treat all summer long was the fudgesicle, simple yet chocolatey complex. But, to mix it up, every once in a while, I'd throw my friends a curveball and order a NuttyBuddy.

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