Connecticut is home to many happy and productive remote workers according to a new study.

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Not only was there a comprehensive study, but there is an official way to evaluate such things, it's called the Digital Nomad Index Score which was developed by Blue Pillow. They were the ones who did the study and here is some of what they found.

  • CT is the 3rd best place in America for remote workers AKA digital nomads.
  • CT got a remarkable Digital Nomad Index Score of 61.97 out of 100.
  • CT has 61 computer repair firms.
  • CT has 272 computer repair shops.
  • The Nutmeg State has 67 coworking spaces.
  • Residents of the Constitution State enjoy 7,264 free WiFi hotspots.
  • New York was named the 5th best state for digital nomads.
  • Mississippi is the worst state for digital nomads.
Vadym Pastukh
Vadym Pastukh

Here are the Top 10 states for remote workers:

1. Massachussettes

2. New Jersey

3. Connecticut

4. Maryland

5. New York

6. Colorado

7. Utah

8. Virginia

9. Rhode Island

10. Florida

FUN FACT: I once got caught doing my workout during a Teams meeting. I called it multitasking, my employers did not see it that way. I believe the word malfeasance was used.

A spokesperson for Bluepillow commented on the study:

 "The Digital Nomad Index provides valuable insights for individuals seeking the perfect destination to live and work remotely. Massachusetts' top ranking is a testament to its exceptional living standards, opportunities, and infrastructure for digital nomads. It's a state that combines urban amenities with natural beauty, making it a unique and highly attractive destination.

 Massachusetts, securing the top spot in the Digital Nomad Index, is closely trailed by New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York, all situated along the eastern seaboard. This pattern strongly indicates that the eastern region boasts a highly developed and conducive business infrastructure."

Nothing says productivity like your kids screaming during a meeting. I don't know how people do it but with four kids, this is not for me. I am waiting, hoping and praying that the day will come when this tech just fails. Sure, it will cause a national catastrophe but when we get to the other side of that disaster we can all go back to work like grownups, like real Americans.

I know what I sound like and I don't care because I will never accept that we're somehow getting more work done from our homes. I also think the isolation we've endured has altered our personalities forever and not in a positive way.


The index ranked states based on the following range of factors affecting digital nomads' daily lives:

  • Average Daily High Temp Difference From Ideal Temperature (72F)
  • Average Off-Premises Food & Beverage Consumption
  • Average Gasoline & Energy Goods Consumption
  • Violent Crime Rate Per 100k
  • Property Crime Rate Per 100k
  • No. Computer Repair Firms
  • No. Computer Repair Employment
  • No. Coworking Spaces
  • No. Free WiFi Hotspots
  • Annual Road Fatalities Per Billion Vehicle Miles (2017-2021)
  • % of Workforce Working From Home
  • Air Quality Index (Higher = Worse)
  • State & National Park Coverage (sq. mi.)

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