According to 2023 statistics from the World Population Review, CT is Top 10 for Percentage of Italian-Americans in the United States.

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OK, we're not just in the Top 10, Connecticut is #1 overall. According to WPR:

Italian Americans are most densely concentrated in the northeastern region of the United StatesConnecticut has the highest percentage of Italian Americans with 16.1%, followed by Rhode Island with 15.5% and New Jersey with 14.6%. These states also have some of the highest total numbers of Italian Americans, at 584,128, 169,515, and 1,353,075 respectively. New York has the largest total population of Italian Americans at 2,330,336, but a lower percentage of 11.9%.

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Here are the Top 10:

1. Connecticut - 16.1%

2. Rhode Island - 15.54%

3. New Jersey - 14.62&

4. New York - 11.95%

5. Massachusetts - 11.7%

6. Pennsylvania - 10.99%

7. New Hampshire - 9.73%

8. Delaware - 8.18%

9. Vermont - 7.03%

10. Ohio - 6.04%

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If I had to guess, my list would have looked a lot like the actual list but I probably would have put Jersey at 1, New York at 2 and CT at 3 but I'm happy with the truth.

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This subject affords me an opportunity for a shameless plug for Danbury's 2nd Annual San Gennaro Festival coming to Downtown Danbury Wednesday August 23rd - Sunday August 27th. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and rich traditions of Italy all week in the Hat City. There will be live music, wall-to-wall food vendors, games, rides, beer, wine and a laser light show. I-95 (us) will be broadcasting live Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Danbury Green with the big broadcast on Saturday.

IMPORTANT: Catholic Bishop Frank Caggiano will be the Grand Marshall of the festival. 

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For more information go to the Danbury San Gennaro Facebook page and learn about parking here.

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