Big surprise, people. The Connecticut guy who allegedly made a deal with Torrington police to turn himself in if his wanted poster got 15,000 FB likes is still on the lam.

To tell you the truth, I didn't even know that negotiating with police when you're a fugitive from justice was a thing. Here's how it went down. As reported earlier this week, Jose Simms is wanted by Torrington police for failure to appear in court seven times on charges that include assault, risk of injury, and breach of peace.

Why Simms was allowed to negotiate with law enforcement officials in the first place baffles me. The deal he reportedly worked out was that if his wanted poster received 15,000 likes on Facebook, he would turn himself in. This is what Torrington Police LT. Brett Johnson said,

We are getting a lot of inquiries as to if Mr. Simms has turned himself in yet. As of now, he has not. Thank you to everyone who liked the post and we will continue to utilize the resources we have available to us to locate both suspects and take them into custody.

Now I get it. With the 20,000 FB likes Torrington Police got from Simms's FB page, they now have possibly hundreds of people who saw Simm's face and the number to call to turn him in. There was also a tag-a-long suspect by the name of Kristopher Waananen who appears to be along for the digital madness. The big question is, will Facebook be an integral part of catching these two alleged digital masterminds?

Torrington Police Photo
Torrington Police Photo


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