I'm a person who believes in organized archives.

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Archiving is especially helpful in my business, it's vital I can easily find pictures, audio and video from the past with just a few clicks. It can also be helpful to have these files during a slow news week. With those same few clicks, I can bring back a classic, just like that.

At the intersection of slow news week, organized files and the State of CT, we find Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. This poor guy has been on my show (The Ethan and Lou Show on I-95) many times but never as an invited guest. Instead, he's made some unfortunate, and in many cases, innocent mistakes and become a topic of conversation.

That was the case in April of 2014 when Blumenthal was in Milford, CT for a train safety speech. He and Milford Mayor Ben Blake held a press conference on a train platform, and it didn't go great.

Blumenthal ironically, almost got HIT by a train during it because he wasn't standing behind the yellow line. It also happened right after the Mayor said: "Safety, as you know, is paramount."

I'm a clumsy dude, I get excited and bump into things. I swing my arms and move my hands when I talk, and a lot of people have paid the price for that. But, I'm trying to think if I could have done this?

Could I miss the fact that I'm acting as the authority on safety but I'm not standing behind the line? Could I somehow disregard the 43 signs that say "mind the gap?" Could my ears be so clogged that I can't hear a train honking at me for three nautical miles?

I want to have his back here but this one is really unrelatable. What is the worth of a train-safety speech where the person delivering it, almost gets hit by a train? We'll find out when my numbers come out.

Open letter to the Senator:

Senator, I've met you a few times and you were super nice to me. This was probably because you didn't have a clue who I was. I just want you to know I'm not looking to bring you into my world, you just seem to wander in.

We spent some time discussing this article on the Ethan and Lou Show on Thursday (6/22/22) and Ethan just wanted to move on, listen below.

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