Applus Tech, the company that does emissions testing for the State of CT has announced their system will be working again by April 30. The company made the announcement in a press release on Monday (4/19/21).

The system has been down since being hacked earlier this month. Since the system has been down, the CT DMV has asked police statewide not to ticket driver for being past due on their emissions testing.

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Whoopety doo! It will be back soon! Fantastic! Can't wait.

The DMV is such a racket it's disgusting and I've had it with this. My emissions is due, not past due but due. I'd like to please tell you my story.

My registration was due soon on my family vehicle but first, I have to get my emissions test done so I am allowed to register my car and pay the state the money for that.

I had some of these car things lingering and I figured I'd get to work on them. My van's battery had died and I was going to fix that, get the emissions done and then my wife would handle the registration.

I jump-started the battery in the car, went to the gas station and filled the tank and took it to my local emissions center. While waiting to get my test done, I told the guy behind the counter that I had to jump the battery to get the vehicle on the road and to it's test.

The man behind the counter told me that because I "jumped" the car, I was going to fail emissions and I did. He told me that when the battery died and was brought back to life, it reset the computer inside the car and for whatever reason this meant It would not allow the car to pass the test.

I was instructed that I'd need to drive the vehicle 150 miles or more for it to pass it's next emissions test. He told me "drive it 150 miles, bring it back and based on what we saw it will pass next time, you have two months. In the meantime, you can register the car and when it passes next time that registration will remain in place."

I asked what if I don't bring it back in that time period or it fails? He told me, "your registration will be revoked."

So, I drove it 150 miles and brought it back to get the emissions tested, only to learn that the system had been hacked and they would call me when it's back up. Now, when they call, I have to drop what I am doing, get over there, get it tested and provide the passing test to the state of CT so my registration is not revoked.

This is all so the state of CT could get a $20 bill from me and every other jackass in the room that day, not because they are concerned with the ozone layer. If you believe CT or anyone else responsible for this system cares about the environment, your brain is ozone layer.

This is the land of arbitrary, infuriating systems designed to get our hard earned money. I can't wait for the emissions system to be back online.

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