The last thing you need right now is a family of critters camping out in your car's engine block.

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That's precisely what happened to a Manchester CT woman and her husband when they decided to go for a drive after letting their car sit for two weeks, according to the Hartford Courant.

When the couple tried to start their car, their 'check engine' light immediately came on. When they opened the hood, they were greeted by a squirrel family that had nibbled through some of the car's operating system's wires.

Not only had the squirrels made the car's engine compartment their new home by building a nest, but they decided to start a new family next to the engine. Because of the pandemic, thousands upon thousands of the country's population have been laid off or let-go, leaving many more automobiles sitting in driveways and garages undriven for days.

AAA Northeast Magazine recommends that if you suspect or find little animal critters living inside your car's engine compartment, vacuum and then wash it thoroughly and then place a dryer sheet inside the car and under the hood.

Inside the April 2020 edition of AAA Northeast Magazine, you'll find some useful tips on how to keep your car in tiptop condition if it's going to be off the road temporarily.


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