The Washington Post says the number of women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault is as high as 58. 

CNN says Cosby will stand trial in Pennsylvania in the case of a woman named Andrea Constand. Her allegations are similar to other accusers, and America's dad faces three counts of aggravated felony indecent assault.

In this country, yes, of course you are innocent until proven guilty. I believe in that right. I also believe that, when all is said and done, we are going to find out that he is guilty of some of this. There are, as many people have pointed out, always opportunistic people who will try and attach their name to something like this, seeking either money or notoriety. This is WAY too many accusers, in my opinion, for us to find that he was innocent in all of this.

More importantly, I want you to remember this moment.

That is the moment that Cosby began to lay the groundwork for, what I believe, will eventually be his defense strategy. His lawyers will start saying he is not fit to stand trial, can't remember anything, and there will be no way to get straight answers out of him. They will paint him as a sick, old man who just does not know what is going on. Write down my prediction cause it's as good as gold.

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