Connecticut kids are alright according to a new study from Wallet Hub.

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W.H. recently released the results of a new study called "2023's States With the Most At-Risk Youth" and CT had a very low score. In this particular case a low score is a good one. The state with the most at-risk youth is Louisiana and we ranked #46 in the U.S.

How do the author's of the study define at-risk youth? The answer is in the study's factors, these are some of those factors:

  • Percentage of disconnected youth
  • Percentage of youth without a high school diploma
  • Percentage of overweight & obese youth
  • Percentage of youth drug users
  • Share of NAEP proficient students

Each category had a specific age range but from what I can tell the full range was 13-24. For instance, they looked at stats for 8th graders for NAEP proficiency, poverty numbers were ages 18-24 and detained or incarcerated youth was anyone under 21.

Alessandro Biascioli
Alessandro Biascioli

Here are the Top 5 States with the Most At-Risk Youth:

1. Louisiana

2. Mississippi

3. West Virginia

4. Alaska

5. New Mexico

Happy young adult group of friends youth culture concept

These are the states with the least at-risk youth:

46. Connecticut

47. Virginia

48. Utah

49. New Jersey

50. New Hampshire

51. Massachusetts

*There are 51 because the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) gets it's own score.

The study also found Connecticut's percentage of homeless youth was the lowest in the nation and our youth poverty rate was also low.

Source: WalletHub

Nationally, a whopping %16 percent of individuals ages 18-24 are neither working nor attending school.

rankings 2009 2021 disconnected youth

Source: WalletHub

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