Brothers Marlon and Andras Soriano moved to the United States from El Salvador when they were 17. Because they've always been fascinated by the Prohibition era, they've opened a new chic speakeasy cocktail bar/restaurant called 'I Know, You Know Prohibition' on Arch Street in New Britain.

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You'll need a passcode to enter the establishment, which changes weekly. Even though the sale of alcohol was banned during the Prohibition era from 1920-1933, this new speakeasy is legal and above board. Read on to find out how to obtain your passcode.

Marlon spoke with the Hartford Courant, saying, "I always liked the concept of doing something different because there are hundreds and hundreds of bars in Hartford and the area," Their new speakeasy has been a lifelong dream for the Soriano brothers.

'Prohibition' FB Page
'Prohibition' FB Page

The building at 69 Arch Street has a 1930s feel and is reminiscent of the prohibition era when speakeasies were prevalent from 1920-1933. When closed, the curtains cover the entire window as they did during Prohibition so no one could see inside.

To enter this new speakeasy, you'll need the weekly passcode, which will be posted on the   "I Know You Know" Facebook and Instagram pages. Another way to secure your code is to call the speakeasy. The Soriano brothers want to remind you that no one will be allowed in without the code.

The speakeasy will serve specialty drinks, wine, and craft beer, and the restaurant will offer tapas or appetizers along with Cuban-style sliders, empanadas, and mussels. Even though this new restaurant/speakeasy, "I Know, You Know Prohibition," is a 56-minute drive from Danbury to New Britain, it appears to me it could definitely be worth the drive!

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