If you're a Connecticut or New York Uber user, it’ll cost you if you make a mess like getting sick and throwing up in one.

In fact, chances are, you’ll have to pay at least a $150 clean up fee, which seems fair. According to the Herald, however, some Uber users are getting hit with this charge, even though they hadn't madone so. This new scam is called “Vomit Fraud”.

I’m sure it’s not common, because members of my family have successfully used Ubers many times in the past, but there are always just a few bad apples or unscrupulous people that ruin things for the masses. These few drivers reportedly pulling this stunt may even create fake photos. You do have recourse though. There is an appeals process with Uber, you can contact them for reimbursement.

The Herald says a statement like this would be sent to you as a memo regarding the extra charge:

I understand that it can be disconcerting to receive adjustments to the tariff after your trip ended … In this case, your driver notified us that during your trip there was an incident in the vehicle and therefore a cleanup fee of $150 was added.

In addition to disputing this charge, for future rides, you can take a picture of the interior of the vehicle where you in and geo tag it. A time stamp will help authenticate it. In spite of this new snag keep calm and Uber on!

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