Between 3,000 and 5,000 coyotes call Connecticut home according to

From an article on the website,, according to officials in the town of Simsbury, the coyote population is getting out of hand and residents are afraid their pets may be in danger. Residents and environmental officials got together at the Simsbury Public Library where it was standing room only.

The topic of conversation was how to keep pets safe as the coyote population continues to rise. The most important rule to follow regarding any animal looking for food is to never, ever leave food out for coyotes, bears, and bobcats.

Feeding the coyotes bring them closer to homes where they slowly but surely become more fearless towards humans. As a rule, coyotes usually don't attack house pets like cats and dogs but if the coyote is hungry, and they see Trixie wandering around outside around the house, Trixie could become dinner to a ravenous coyote so never feed the wild animals.

Black bear laying on cabin porch

Simsbury Animal Control Officer, Mark Rudewicz says that coyotes are becoming a little more human habituated and food-conditioned and then went on to say,

I always say this - a fed animal, is a dead animal, as far as wildlife.



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