Connecticut has got it bad for nips.

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There is an aching obsession with nips around the Nutmeg State, a desire that cannot be quenched. Just when you think Connecticut residents have had enough, the appetite gets stronger and louder, if you listen closely you can hear them chanting, nips, nips, nips. No, you filthy animal not those nips! These are the nips I was referencing and according to new numbers, Connecticut residents love them.


We love these tiny liquor bottles so much, we're one of a handful of states that even call them "nips." According to CII (Connecticut Inside Investigator), we bought a collective 180 million nips in the last two years alone. Think about that for a second, that is a lot of booze.

Here are some other fun nip metrics for Connecticut:

  • Nip sales resulted in $8.9 Million in revenue. Those dollars went right back to the municipalities they were purchased in.
  • Since 2021, everyone has been paying a 5-cent surcharge on these nips, that money is given back to the municipalities to pay for the cleanup of these liquor bottles. You know, because everyone just throws them all over the street.
  • Over the last two years New Haven sold more nips than any other city or town, 8.2 million in fact. (That is 60 nips per human.
  • Hartford came in second place with 5.9 million sold.
  • The report says the average Connecticut resident purchased 50 nips over the last two years. I didn't buy 50 and you probably didn't either which means some folks are doing their share and everyone elses.
  • Vernon, CT started a "nip-patrol" to cleanup liquor bottles all over their town.

There is no better delivery system for booze than a sleeve of nips. They are perfect for the golf course, skiiing, a day at the village fair or a dinner with your in-laws.

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Greater-Danbury's Nip Leaderboard for 2023:

7. Ridgefield -  67,676 nips sold

6. New Fairfield - 75,001 nips sold

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