Our State of Connecticut has been ranked near the BOTTOM in many categories such as Most Fun States (43), Poor Roads (46), Infrastructure (46), Worst Places to Retire (43), and Connecticut ranks near the top when it comes to Highest Anxiety states.

It would be easy to understand why Connecticut might have an inferiority complex. However, there is some good news to report about the state of Connecticut! I recently discovered that according to the website pennstakes.com, CT comes in second as America's brightest state.

The Top 5 Smartest states are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, and Vermont. On the bottom of the heap are Nevada, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and coming in dead last is the least brainiac state of, West Virginia.

To determine America's most intelligent and least intelligent states, pennstakes.com considered six critical factors as it pertains to the percentage of the population, and they are:

  1. Advanced Degree
  2. Bachelor Degree
  3. IQ Scores
  4. High School Diploma
  5. SAT Scores
  6. ACT Scores
IQ Test Question - YouTube
IQ Test Question - YouTube

Let's take a closer look at IQ scores. According to the website healthline.com, the IQ scores of most people are represented in the middle of the bell, between 85 and 115. Overall, about 98 percent of people have a score below 130. You're an outlier if you're among the 2 percent with a higher score.

The states with the highest IQ scores are New Hampshire (103.2), Massachusetts (103.1), Minnesota (102.9), Vermont (102.2), and Wyoming (101.7). Connecticut placed ninth in the IQ department with a score of 101.2.

The five states with the lowest IQs are Nevada (96.6), Alabama (96.4), Mississippi (95.8), Louisiana (95.2), and New Mexico (95). What is your IQ? Check it out with this YouTube video by 90 Second IQ Boosters.

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