I'm confused, is Connecticut an excellent place or a lousy place to live?

Finding out how Connecticut ranks overall in liveability seems to be determined by which website and data-set you click on. For this article, I clicked on HomeSnacks.com., which is NOT about chips, dips, and pretzels.

HomeSnacks's mission is to try and paint a picture of what's happening in a region based on different aspects like desirability, culture, how safe it is, and by soliciting feedback on a number of different Facebook pages regarding each state. The purpose of the study is to utilize science to determine which states are the absolute best.

The article on the homesnacks's website came out on Jan. 18, 2018 after all the data was broken down, assimilated, corrugated, evaporated, incorporated, and all the other words that end in 'ated.' Let's just say that if it was a contest, the northeast would be doing victory laps right about now!


  1. New Hampshire
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Connecticut
  4. New Jersey
  5. Virginia
  6. Vermont
  7. Hawaii
  8. Minnesota
  9. Maryland
  10. Rhode Island

The 5 Worst States To Live were New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. If you'd like to dig into the specific methodology HomeSnacks.com utilized, click on this link.  


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