It's busy season for Connecticut lawmakers.

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They are crafting and floating ideas to make Connecticut a safer, happier place. One of those ideas just captured my attention and had me wondering what the public would think. According to WFSB:

"A law considered by Connecticut lawmakers would ban the sale of helium of balloons. The description of the bill on the state’s website stated that no person would be able to sell, offer for sale, import, or distribute any helium or lighter-than-air gas balloons that are not biodegradable."

This potential balloon ban is obviously an environmental effort but it made me wonder if people would get emotional about this in some way? I remember when Toys R' Us closed and people were ready to lose their collective minds. Whenever something scrapes at the edge of childhood fun people go banana sandwich.

I don't have a strong feeling about this except to say that I hate balloons but I'm not a kid, I used to love them. What do you think?

I'll never forget the news coverage of the demise of Toys R' Us, it was exceptional TV. Watching grown ups crying on the news about a store closing had me laughing hysterically. I understand nostalgia and connecting to your childhood but if you really loved the place so much, maybe you should have continued shopping there and spent a little less time and money on Amazon.

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Recently, I ran a poll to find out which town has the worst traffic problems in the Greater-Danbury area. I set out to rank the towns in order of the aggravation. 

The towns up for consideration were:

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  • Newtown 
  • Ridgefield 
  • New Milford
  • New Fairfield 

The respondents were all current or former residents of the Greater-Danbury Area. I also made sure that I gathered some hilarious comments. #1 is the worst, having the most complaints and #7 is the best of the towns, receiving the least complaints. I counted all the votes from the respondents, and this is how it all worked out.

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