Chris Willett was the first CT resident to be infected by the Coronavirus and his chances looked grim.

So grim, in fact, that he had to be placed in a medically induced coma for 10 days. He told Hearst Connecticut Media that his lungs were in such horrible shape the coma was absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, Chris is back home and feels lucky to be alive, but still has some obstacles to overcome. The good news is he's rejoined his wife and two 5-month-old twin sons in their Wilton home and is no longer contagious.

Unfortunately, there were some lingering after-effects from contracting COVID-19. Chris had to re-learn how to swallow again and how to talk and even how to go to the bathroom. He also has difficulty following conversations which could be due to the lack of oxygen during his illness.

Chris told that he feels like he's not the same person as he was before he contracted the virus, but with the help of top-notch medical professionals, he feels himself improving day by day. Both Chris Tillett and his wife agreed that the care he received at Danbury Hospital was commendable.

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