If you're coming to Connecticut over the next few weeks to catch our beautiful Fall foliage I have two suggestions for you. First, it's true, a trip up though Northwest Connecticut along Rt. 7 is absolutely spectacular for leaf peeping. Second, if you're going to want to stop in for a bite to eat, take a ride up RT. 202.

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Leaf peeping along Rt. 7 Northbound really doesn't get very good until you're past the Rt.7/202 split by the bridge in New Milford. Once you get North of the bridge, the leaves are incredible through Gaylordsville and Kent. The foliage truly gets better as you approach Cornwall and Canaan, where the views of the Berkshires really come into sight. If you get hungry along the way? Honestly, there aren't too many places to stop along rt. 7 outside of Kent, which is gorgeous.

Which brings me to my next point. Go North on Rt. 7 until you hit Sheffield, Massachusetts, then turn around. Head back South on Rt. 63, which will give you an incredible alternate foliage trip right down to Litchfield, Connecticut, where you'll take a trip along Rt. 202 South back to New Milford.

Rt. 202 from Litchfield all the way back to New Milford is crowded with some of the finest restaurants in Connecticut. Google these names and start drooling: Arethusa a mano, Arethusa al tavolo, Materia, White Horse Pub, Bantam Bread Company, Market Place, Toast & Co, Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar, and 202 Tavern. That's the way to really enjoy a day of leaf peeping in Litchfield County.

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