Is climate change real? Will it affect the lives of your children and your grandchildren?

In my humble opinion, the answer to both questions is, YES. I'm no scientist but all the research I've read about climate change makes me believe we have a catastrophic world problem to contend with.

According to the Hartford Courant, Connecticut lawmaker State Rep. John Piscopo has introduced legislation that would do away with any reference to climate change from the science standards adopted by Connecticut.  Images

I'm trying to understand why some lawmakers are claiming that there is no such thing as climate change when a Nobel Prize-winning panel of scientists has repeatedly published reports detailing the science behind climate change saying that,

Climate related threats to Americans' physical, social, and economic well-being are rising.

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CT Rep. Piscopo claims that teachers may be indoctrinating their students with their personal views of global warming. This is not a contest regarding who's right and who's wrong. The bottom line is there's 'something' going on that's warming up the earth in a dangerous manner and it's not going away.

So how about we get all the big-wigs together and have a spirited discussion about climate change with the ultimate goal of setting a plan in place that can be agreed upon before it's too late. By big-wigs I mean scientists, teachers, and lawmakers. Again, only my opinion, but if 'something' isn't done and done soon, our grandkids and their grandkid's lives could seriously be in jeopardy as we near the year 2100.



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