I cheer for Connecticut. I love my home state, and it irks me when a national list leaves us out of the mix of something we have an abundance of. I just read through Stacker.com's list of 50 Cozy Towns to Visit This Winter, and there's not one Connecticut town represented.

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Cozy Winter towns? Connecticut is filled with them. Have you ever driven along Rt. 7 through Kent in a light snowstorm? It's magical for god's sake. So many interesting, warm little storefronts drawing you in with beautiful holiday decorations. Has anyone on Stacker ever mailed their Christmas cards from the beautiful little post office in Bethlehem, Connecticut? I don't think so, if they had, I'd bet that El Dorado, Arkansas wouldn't have made the cut. Seriously, Stacker.com, I agree that Newport, Rhode Island is charming, but cozy? I'd put Mystic, Connecticut side by side with Newport and let the cozy champion of Southeastern Connecticut leave with the belt.

New Milford, Connecticut, already known as the Greatest Town in the USA, can lay claim to being one of the coziest also, just from the fact that the gazebo and the New Milford Green were the inspiration for the coziest fictional hometown in the history of television - Stars Hollow, Connecticut from the Gilmore Girls. Even cozier, the acknowledged inspiration for Stars Hollow - Washington Depot. i dare any Stacker.com reader to stroll past the Mayflower and hickory Stick and not want to curl up in a blankie clutching a cup of Hot Chocolate.

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