Every few years the marketing overlords of Connecticut try to come up with a slogan or idea that will increase tourism in our state. Does it work? Apparently not. Connecticut has just been named as 2024's 3rd worst state for Summer road trips.

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We are very lucky to have the Atlantic Ocean as our neighbor, it's pretty much the only thing that's drawing anybody from out of state here. Still, we're one of the worst in the USA, Wallethub.com just released Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips (2024), and Connecticut landed at #48 out of all 50 States.

To find the best and worst road trip destinations across the US, Wallethub.com compared all 50 states across three dimensions: Cost, Safety, and Activities. Those numbers were evaluated using 32 relevant metrics, each graded on a 100 point scale. In the Cost category, the price of gas, cost of vehicle repair, prices of hotel rooms and campsites, and cost of living were determined. In Safety, crime statistics, population density, the quality of our roads and bridges, traffic fatalities, and vehicle theft were considered. And finally in the dimension of Activities, Wallethub.com crunched the numbers considering Connecticut's number of zoos and botanical gardens, fairs and festivals, nightlife options, percentage of ideal Summer weather, miles of shoreline, and overall expenditure by state & local organizations on parks & recreation.


Basically, Connecticut is safer than most US states, but it's very expensive, and there aren't many activities compared to most others. Connecticut lands at #48 out of 50. Who was worse? Rhode Island came in at #49, and Delaware at #50. Take that Misquamicut.

According to Wallethub.com, the best states for Summer road trips in 2024 are #3 - New York, #2 - Minnesota, and #1 - Texas.

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