Newly elected Connecticut Congressman Keith Denning has introduced a new house bill titled HB05010, "An Act Authorizing the Use of Terramation for Human Remains." What does terramation mean? When you pass, would you like to become one with the earth?

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Terramation is another word for human composting or 'natural organic reduction.' Quite simply, it means turning a human body into soil. Some of you are saying, "Yuk, no f-ing way!" Think about it. This is what happens naturally, anyway. When we die, our bodies decompose and turn back into simple nutrients that can help plants grow.

Human composting is a relatively new idea and is only legal in Colorado, Oregon, New York, Vermont, California, and Washington. So, what's the difference between a typical burial and terramation? Let's take a look.

Human Composting...Becoming One With the Earth

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