If this hints at all that there's less crime in the state, it's a wonderful thing.

As we all know, the reality of prisons going away on a permanent basis will never happen. But if a few can close their doors, I say that's a good day.

In a story from wtnh.com, as the Connecticut prison inmate numbers continue to drop, the state is shuttering the doors on another state prison. Governor Malloy says the medium security Enfield Correctional Institution is set to close early in 2018, saving the state over $6,000,000 in operational costs.

Enfield Correctional is the seventh prison or section of a prison to close since 2010.
According to the report, there are now just over 14,000 inmates in the Connecticut prison system. While that is still a high number, consider the fact that the number is down from just under 19,900 in 2008, and more than 800 fewer than a year ago.

I'm not such a "Pollyanna" as to believe that this closing signals the end of the prison system, but it remains good news overall.

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