New rules, regulations, and some things that may surprise you, are closer to happening in regards to the use of drones in Connecticut.

I'm all for technology, but I have to tell you, drones, for the most part, creep me out. The thought of things dropping from the sky prompted me to write:

Fast forward to this past December when Amazon did this:

And who could forget the story about Connecticut teen,  Austin Haughwout, who, in an account from,  was arrested after he mounted a gun to a drone.

The newest update about the use of drones in Connecticut is that a bill got approved on March 28 by the state's Judiciary Committee that would create regulations for both police and the public in regards to the use of drones. According to the bill still has to head to the House floor to be approved.

Here's things you should know about the measure:

It would let police, after training, use armed drones in certain circumstances. It looks to protect citizens though by making police get a warrant before operating a drone and officers would have to get written permission of a property owner before surveillance of a package. The story in also says the measure would create new safety regulations for the use of drones by the general public too.

What do you think about the use of drones?

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