Everything is monetized now, you can barely find anything of value offered up for free. If not for the generosity of others, there's really not many places that offer the next generation of performing artists a safe space to hone their craft gratis.

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Oh, but there are beacons of hope for the broke. I just saw a social media post from Bantam Cinema & Arts Center, and if you appreciate and support the performing arts, I think it's a generous gesture that they're offering. I thought you might want to hear about it and share, especially if you're an aspiring playwright.

According to the post, Bantam Cinema & Arts Center is currently seeking play submissions for its new readers theater series. They're currently accepting submissions from aspiring playwrights, and they are offering their beautiful venue for simple productions of your work. How your work will be presented is up to you, you're invited to seek participant and or audience feedback. The submitted pieces can be presented in workshop fashion, in order for you to tweak your work for authenticity, and make sure that the written word translates well into the performance.

Bantam Cinema & Arts Center also would like to host readings as finished performances. As of right now, their current film schedule will allow one reading per month, on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month, at 7 PM, starting in June 2022.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, or want to volunteer as readers, send an e-mail to the attention of Robert at executivedirector@bantamcinema.org.

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