Half Full Brewery in Stamford has just introduced the perfect combination of crafted beer and coffee.

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They've named this new concoction, 'Rise & Grind,' which is a hard coffee with 5% alcohol and 90 mg of caffeine in an 11 oz can, according to ctinsider.com. The average caffeine kick in an 8oz cup of coffee will vary between 90mg - 200mg. According to Half Full owner, Connor Horrigan,

It's not beer. We knew this could not taste at all like beer. It's got to taste like coffee.

So let's figure this out. We love beer, and we love coffee. We drink coffee in the morning to get us wired for work, and we drink beer in the late afternoon to settle us down. So what time during the day do we suck down a 'Rise & Grind Nitro Hard Coffee'?

Photo Courtesy of Half Full's FB Page...
Photo Courtesy of Half Full's FB Page...

According to the Half Full Brewery website, this revolutionary new beverage is perfect for a 4 pm happy hour, brunch, or tailgating. Drinking one of these hard coffee beverages first thing in the morning might not be the most sensible idea.

This ingenious idea of combining coffee and crafted beer was a collaboration between RISE Brewing Co. and Half Full Brewery, both based in Stamford, CT. Rise & Grind is available locally and at the brewery. The beverage includes no dairy and no added sugar.

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