Like many of you, I have avoided discussing politics with friends who hold opposite viewpoints to mine. It's my experience that no matter whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, you've made up your mind. Am I right?

There is a local Connecticut branch of a nationwide organization called 'Braver Angels.' Their mission is to "Bring Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic."

"Braver Angels' offers to supply families with the tools they need to make it through the holiday season without screaming or hurting each other. The two essential criteria to begin a political discussion starts with listening and understanding.

Most people who listen to the 'Ethan and Lou Show' regularly know what I believe as it pertains to politics, even though Lou and I do our best to stay away from political discussions. According to co-president of Braver Angels, Al Smith, the goal is "believing everyone has their own opinion, they're entitled to it, but find out why they think the way they do." 

A Quinnipiac University national poll reports that 66% of Americans hope to avoid political discussions around their Thanksgiving tables this year. 'Braver Angels' leaders are hoping that family members can maintain a level of civility if the discussion of politics comes up.

A couple of years ago, an 'Ethan and Lou Show' listener called the show to tell me that even though he disagrees with my politics, he felt that he and I could have an intelligent and productive discussion about the issues without it turning into a screaming argument. That is what 'Braver Angels' is all about, knowing how to listen without judging.

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