A company called Network Buildz recently released the results of a study they conducted about internet quality and reliability around the country.

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The study highlighted another massive divide we have in America. A Net Buildz spokesperson said:

This study highlights the obvious disparity in internet access across states, with some leading and others lagging behind. Interestingly, while some states in the Northeast boast excellent internet access, other Western states struggle, highlighting a significant divide. For instance, rural and remote areas in states like Alaska and Montana often face challenges with limited internet access and slower speeds compared to more urbanized regions." 

When all was said and done Alaska was named the worst state in America for internet access and quality. On the flip-side, Connecticut was rated as having the best internet experience in America with New Jersey and New Hampshire following closely behind. New York State has the 4th best internet in America.

That is right, we may be one of the most taxed places in the world but we can eat pizza and surf the f--- web like nobody's business.

It begs the question, with all of this power, what are we doing online? How are we spending our time?

  • According to WTNH, we love searching for the color red with pink as a close runner-up. 
  • News 8 says our most searched dog breed is the Cane Corso
  • The Hartford Courant says our most searched Halloween candy is the Almond Joy. 
  • WFSB says our favorite Christmas movie by search is "Home Alone 2." 

So, we're quite busy getting to the bottom of the most important issues in our country.

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The data, conducted by mobile and telecommunication experts NetworkBuildzexamined the quality, speed, strength and cost of the internet in all 50 states. These factors were then combined in an index to give each state a total score to discover where it's easiest and most convenient to go online in America. 

P.S. #1 in internet means we're tops in porn as well, they go hand-in-hand, or....

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