If you want to chat with the Ethan and Lou Show DURING the Ethan and Lou Show, it's simple and free.

First, You simply download the free and fantastic i95 Rock mobile app. You can use the app to listen live, win free stuff, seize deals, read our blogs and yes, to talk to us during the show.

Once you load up the app, you will be on the home screen and you can just push "chat." Just like this:

i95 App Chat 1

You can talk to us and also send photos and videos directly to us via the chat feature or by clicking the "submit photos/videos tab" in the main menu.

Some of your friends and neighbors have done it already. Some of the photos/videos have become conversation pieces on the show, while others have shown up in our social media stories and polls.

It's simple, easy, fun and yes, we do get back to you when you message. Get the app now and be part of society, like a grown up.

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