According to the Patch, the town of Carmel, NY began work on water system infrastructure on April 10th.

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For that reason, the town has begun asking residents to conserve water in 4 districts:

Carmel Water District #1 - Hamlet of Mahopac
CWD #8 - Mahopac Ridge
CWD #10 - Lakeview Park
CWD #13 - Red Mills
These districts are being told they cannot wash their cars while the work is going on but, that's not all. Local officials are also prohibiting the following:
  • Cleaning or washing of the outside of buildings or other structures by the use of water.
  • Filling of swimming pools, portable and otherwise.
  • The use of hose, spout and similar pressure-bathing apparatus, and the maintenance of constant flow from showers and similar apparatus.
  • Installation of refrigeration and/or air-conditioning equipment requiring the use of water.
  • The watering of lawns and private gardens and the operation of ornamental ponds, pools and fountains.
There are others that are less mainstream water scenarios but the best prohibition is "the flooding of outdoor skating rinks." Officials say the police will be enforcing these rules and the this will go on until June 30th. That's right the town is saying you cannot fill your pool or wash your car until almost July.
Car wash employee wiping rear of a vehicle
 The Patch report also states:
A water emergency was declared April 5 to ensure the integrity of the water system and its supply throughout the districts in accordance with the Town Code. If you have any questions please call 845-628-1500 ex. 181.
Learn more about the Water Districts on the Putnam County website. We spoke about this on the Thursday (4/20/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show, listen below.

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Look, we all know how this works, I'm making it more than it is.But I'm doing that on behalf of the residents of Carmel because announcements like this are annoying. We all know the cops won't really run in your backyard and kick the hose out of your hand. We all know people are still going to wash their cars . It's the principle of the matter. I know systems need upgrading and that can come with inconvenience but I feel like Putnam County residents pay enough in taxes that they shouldn't have to be inconvenienced, EVER.


Look at it this way, when was the last time you washed your car at night, in the dark while hiding in the backyard? It's probably been awhile, that could be fun.

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