Can you survive in business today without a social media presence? That's the question. I'm starting to think it's not possible and that sucks. There are some people who don't want to hire a 12 year old to do their social media. They don't want to hear about analytics, algorithms, likes, reviews or shares. Some of those people who have no interest in these things also have a great product or service.

At what point does the whole thing become JUST social media? Let's say you run a deli and you crank out bad ass sandwiches that people love eating. Let's also assume you don't know anything about social media and cannot afford to hire someone who does, what are you supposed to do?

This is all moving so fast and I don't think any of us have had time to think about how it will play out. What are some of the side effects to a social media world that we have not considered? Will we eventually end up being completely judged on our social media reputation? Will our personal and business reputation be 100 percent tied to our Twitter and Facebook?

Will an anti-tech revolution be necessary to get back the world we knew? How would we even organize that? I guess I could start it, I'll have to come up with a hash tag and send out a tweet.

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