Tiger Woods, as we all know now, was popped for DUI over the Memorial Day Weekend. This is just the latest incident that has tainted his once impeccable reputation. He's also either not played golf or played poorly in recent years.

So can this guy make a comeback in his life and his career? I say yes. I'm not in the business of betting against guys that have reached the level of success Tiger once had. He was as dominant a sports figure as anyone has ever been when he was going good. That does not happen by accident. That comes from hard work, with a side of hard work.

Knowing that he is capable of that kind of grind means he CAN do it again. It's for sure a long shot at this point but not out of the realm of possibility. I'm not a golf fan but I am rooting for the guy.

Something, probably a lady, pushed this guy off the deep end years ago and he ain't been right since. I know a little something about that. The guy is human, that is obvious because something upset him so much that it derailed his life. He was also at one point the best golfer on Planet Earth so if he gets his act together he could be that guy again.

P.S. His ex girlfriend Lindsey Vonn dropped a super hot pic of herself and her butt cheeks on Instagram the day he got scooped up for the DUI. That's just rude and uncalled for. When did you break up, like two years ago? Get over it and stop dropping ass bombs on the poor guy. Talk about kicking a guy when he's down, with your butt cheeks. 

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