Thursday morning the stars aligned for a morose discussion on the I-95 Morning Show.

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Comedian Richard Lewis passed away and we were also read a new report from WTNH about a shortage of burial plots throughout Connecticut. These stories made the subject of personal demise unavoidable.

We talked about how we would like to go, and if we want to be buried or cremated. Whenever that happens someone is likely to point out that cremation is the cheaper option. We were curious if that was still the case so we began to dig and found out some alarming news.

Cremation remains the least expensive option in the Nutmeg State but by no means cheap. We found a state-by-state cost breakdown of cremation costs from Choice Mutual that gave us average median cremation costs. This is what we learned about Connecticut:

  • Average Median Cost of a Direct Cremation in CT is $3,152
  • Average Median Cost of a Cremation with Funeral Service is $7,023

Those numbers put us in the top one-third of the nation in both categories. That is not your father's cremation. We can't even die in Connecticut without a monstrous bill? I need to be stressed out in my final moments, worrying that my passing will put a giant financial anchor on my family?

I don't know who to blame in this instance so I'm just mad. Do me a favor and hide my death. That's right, bury me in the backyard and don't tell anyone what happened.

Modern stainless steel crematorium oven

This is a portion of our discusion about this from the Thursday (2/29/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show.

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