That building came out of nowhere! Some Mondays Monday harder than other Mondays.

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Monday (9/18/23) was one of those days when you can feel Monday in your bones. It was a rainy, gloomy day that felt like an overwhelmingly sad way start the week.

I was on my way home from work, navigating the Downtown Danbury traffic in a desperate attempt to get into my sweatpants and away from the world. As the rain poured down, the traffic intensified and became something else all together, it was unusual.

A regular traffic day is bad enough in Downtown Danbury but the traffic pattern had been intentionally altered and I could not get near the Main/West intersection. I made my way around it, got home and told my wife Erica that something must have happened..That is when she showed me the video, this video from Jornal Comunidade News.

First of all, that sucks! No one wants to get into an accident but driving into a building is a tough one to live down. Second, shout out to Jornal Comunidade News for never missing a big story on Main Street.

They are always on the scene in minutes and gathering information. The problem for me is that they're a Spanish language news outlet and I don't speak Spanish. I don't know what information they added about the accident but I reached out to my contact at City Hall Erin Henry. Erin is a Public Relations Specialist for Danbury and amazing at her job. I asked her for some particulars about the accident and wanted to know if anyone had been hurt, this is what she told me:

"Around 2:30 yesterday, DPD was on the scene of a two car crash that resulted in a car into a building. It happened at the intersection of West Street and Main Street. A car in the left lane on West Street was attempting to go into the right lane, when a car in that lane hit them, sending them into the building at 4 Liberty Street. Luckily no one was hurt. The owner of the building was notified." 

Phil From New Milford
Phil From New Milford

Thanks to Phil from New Milford who sent in the photo above. It's always good to see a story from all sides. Phil submitted this using the I-95 Rock Mobile app and you can send pics too. Download the app for free at Google Play or the App Store.

Thank God no one was hurt!

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