Check out what's on the new business agenda for New Milford.

I'm not going lie -- I'm kind of addicted to Five Guys' french fries. For sure, their burgers are very tasty, but I'll scarf down my portion, as well as yours, of those damn fries.

While you can eat pretty much all around the state of Connecticut, seeing as there's over twenty Five Guys locations, news on the street is that the first one to hit Litchfield County is coming soon. And speaking of driving all over the state, you'll need a fill-up for that, so this news also includes a new Cumby's gas station!

According to, Five Guys is set to open in New Milford on Rte. 7 hopefully by sometime this June. And that's not all, a Cumberland Farms gas station and convenience store is in the mix for building to begin this spring. Hard to believe Cumby's hasn't made its way there yet, but getting the newest version of the classic convenience store will rock.

That said, you know nothing is totally written in stone until the "Open for Business" sign lights up. The News Times reports that the next move for the projects are approval from the state's Department of Transportation, and of course, a building permit from the town. But I can already see myself sitting outside at Five Guys stealing your french fries, and then making my getaway on a full tank of gas with a fresh cup of Cumby's coffee in hand.

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