According to WCVB the temperature will be a balmy 49 degrees at first pitch of the World Series tonight at Fenway Park. If the weather is not enough to keep you away from the ballpark maybe your financial situation will do it. Masslive says ticket prices range from 500 dollars to 25,000 dollars. That's some cold cheddar right there.

I'm a Yankee fan who is both jealous and angry that the Sox are back in the World Series but I'm willing to admit that this series is appealing. You have the East Coast v. West Coast, you have Sale and Kershaw and finally you got Manny Machado who likes to kick people who try and tag him out.

It's gonna be an event for sure. I look forward to seeing who will shine after the series is over. There is always a dude who stands out and parties harder than the rest. Mike Napoli comes to mind. Mike played for the Red Sox when they won back in 2013. His post World Series partying became legend. He was seen all over Boston, not giving AF, shirtless, bumming cigarettes and scaring the kids.

Baseball is a weird game and I think that's what makes it so awesome. GO DODGERS.




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