Brookfield has opened its arms to a brand new restaurant near the intersection of Rt.25 and Rt.7 (Federal Road) called Agora.

Agora's Restaurant and Bar, formerly Alexander's, is located at 834 Federal Road, which is right next to the Brookfield Union Savings Bank branch. Before Alexander's, the restaurant was called Casablanca.

The original restaurant at this location named Christopher's holds many fond memories for myself and many other I-95 alumni. Christopher's was the go-to eatery and gathering place for most I-95 staffers from the mid-1980s until it closed its doors in 1998 when owner Mike Kenefick passed away. Many of us would gather for drinks on Friday afternoons to celebrate the weekend.  I-95 holiday parties were legendary at this wonderful establishment and staff camaraderie was at its peak.  Back in the '80s and 90s, Christopher's became the restaurant of choice for Mindy and I where we celebrated many special occasions. I will never ever forget Christopher's New England Clam Chowder! You can read more about the history of the restaurants that have come and gone by clicking on

I-95's Airstaff in the Early 80's
I-95's Airstaff in the Early 80's

Why do I mention many of the restaurants that have passed through and has now become Brookfield's newest eatery, Agora's Restaurant and Bar? In the back of my mind, I imagine a place where, once again, I-95 and KICKS 105.5 staffers can come together and enjoy each other's company over a cocktail. I've been part of I-95 for the last 38 years and I've seen many staffers come and go, but this group of men and women, both the veterans and the newbies are some of the most amazing individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I'm thinking it would be awesome if we could bring back those 'Christopher's Days' at Agora's. Just sayin'!

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