As the country is inundated with commercials touting 5G technology and its benefits, the people of Brookfield, CT are debating the tech's safety.

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There is a 5G cell tower set to be installed at 60 Vail Road in the coming years and not everyone is on the same page about it. In December of 2022, Brookfield First Selectman Tara Carr joined us on the I-95 Morning Show to express her opposition to the tower, citing safety concerns. Weeks later, Carr's former rival-candidate Austin Monteiro jumped to her defense on the question of 5G. Next, Brookfield Fire Chief Andy Ellis said the town needs a communications upgrade and Brookfield First Responders are at risk without the tower.

Finally, we heard from the Chair of the Democratic Town Committee in Brookfield, Aaron Zimmer. Zimmer was a guest on the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show on Tuesday (2/14/23) and said the 5G tower is less of a question, and more of certainty that poses no risk to the community. We asked Zimmer his thoughts on the 5G Tower, this was his response:

"The Fire Chief said it best, they need it. There is a dead spot in communications for Fire, for EMS and for Police. They can't do their job without an upgrade of equipment that we need to go up a pole. Here is this AT&T 5G Tower that is going to go up, we can attach our equipment to it and help them save lives, help them protect Brookfielders. This opposition about 5G causing cancer, first of all there is no conclusive data that suggests that is true. Also, if you believe that fringe study, if you believe that 5G is unsafe, then you've got a really big problem. It is not just this tower, it is every tower in Brookfield, not to mention every tower across the country. So stopping this tower from going up just does not make any sense at all."

Photo: Aaron Zimmer
Photo: Aaron Zimmer

Zimmer continued:

"If by some miracle, this small group of Brookfielders were able to stop this tower from going up which by the way is not going to happen, then they are still going to need a tower. Which will mean, we will have to build them a tower. Brookfield pays for that and that is why this argument is so silly."

UPDATE: Less than an hour after our live radio interview aired with Aaron Zimmer I got the following message from him via e-mail:

"I heard just now that the tower has been approved." 

There is one thing all sides can agree on, this tower won't be installed for quite awhile. All of our guests have said this is 1-2 years away,


Once the interview was wrapped, we (Ethan, Lou & Dave) shared our own perspective and concerns.

If you'd like to hear our full interview with Aaron Zimmer, click below.

We recapped all of our interviews in a Wednesday (02/15/23) I-95 Morning Show segment.

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