Food service worker, Marshall Maor has sued actor, Richard Gere and the Bedford Post Inn for stiffing him on agreed upon gratuities.

According to, Maor filed the lawsuit on behalf of all waiters, servers, captains, bussers, bartenders, food runners, etc, claiming that Gere, who lives in Pound Ridge didn't pay-out gratuities after catered events. Gere and his partners purchased the Bedford property in 2007 and totally remodeled it.

Bedford Post Inn - Credit Google Instant Streetvie
Bedford Post Inn - Credit Google Instant Streetvie

Maor claims the Bedford Inn assesses a mandatory 22% service charge for catered events and that Gere and the managing partners pocketed that money instead. The New York Post reported last year that Maor has worked for 11 companies since 2007 and has sued every single one using the same language in each lawsuit. The manager of the Bedford Post Inn, Erik Bailey, has not responded to the allegations. Several of those lawsuits have been settled in favor of the service workers.

Maor said in a sworn affidavit that he knows for a fact that many fail to distribute service charges to waiters.

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