Brewster, NY is a sleepy and safe town, it's a tight-knit community located in Putnam County, NY.

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Everyone in Brewster knows everyone else, and while there is a lot of community pride (Yeah Bears!), most people would agree it's not known for having a lot of events. That is why when something is planned, it's kind of a big deal.

This summer (2022), there is not just one event, but an entire series. According to NYS Music, the Brewster Summer Music Series is underway. At the time of publishing, the first date has passed and we hope it went well for the "Light Warriors" who led off the series.

The shows will take place at the gazebo on the corner of Railroad and Morningthorpe Avenues but most of us refer to it as the Electrozone Field. Everyone who has ever played Little League Baseball in Brewster, has fond memories of the field. This is where the players, coaches and families would gather before marching in our baseball parade to kick-off the season at Markel Park.

Now, new memories will be made at the gazebo by musicians and their fans. Below is the diverse 2022 lineup:

June 11 – Light Warriors (Global Rock, Funk, Reggae) - COMPLETE

June 18 – Fat City Rockers (Rockabilly, Surf, Oldies)

June 25 – Plåsm (Explorative Progressive, Funk, Improvisation)

July 2 – Real Stormin' Norman (Latin, New Orleans Jazz, Boogie Woogie, Blues)

July 9 – 1/3 of Sophie (Sweet, Funky, Spacey Arrangements)

July 16 – La Pompe Attack (Gypsy, Jazz, Hot Swing Sound)

July 23 – Way Behind the Sun (Traditional & Original Country Music)

The concert series is the product of a lot of work by local volunteers and business owners. In fact, NYS Music says "fundraising to begin the festival started in 2021, and different community businesses helped with it."

P.S. Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets and "cold beverages."

We talked about the concert series on the Thursday (6/9/22) edition of the Ethan and Lou Show, and I explained why I may miss most, if not all of the shows.

After the radio segment, I heard from one of our more loyal listeners Jay Cadmus who had nice things to say about one of the bands. Cadmus is from New Fairfield, CT and he wrote: "The Gypsy Jazz style band you were talking about is by a guy named Doug Munro from Put Lake. Real deal guy - founded the Jazz program at SUNY Purchase, has played and recorded with everybody. Check his wikipedia page."

Gypsy Jazz was the band's genre provided in the description by NYS Music, the band he was referring to is La Pompe Attack.

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