I feel like I'm going to be a 13 year-old forever.

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Some days I know my behavior is my fault and other days I'm convinced that I am the center of a cosmic video game based on my restraint. I was not going to be able to avoid this story, or it's low hanging fruit.

On Monday (02/12/24), the Connecticut State Police issued a press release saying they arrested a 63 year-old Woodbury Reverend and charged him with the intent to distribute meth among other things.

CT State Police
CT State Police

You are born the way you are born and you age the way you age but are you trying to tell me this suspect does not own the complete Breaking Bad box set? Are you here to tell me he's never said "I'm the one who knocks!?" Is that what you'd like me to believe? No I can't, I will go to my grave knowing that this dude has a pizza on his roof.

It's the dumbest/easiest observation I can make about this case and yet I could not be stopped, I could not ignore this. I had to say the thing we all thought and put my name to it because I'm a child.

This one was not fair to me.

Complete arrest details:

Herbert Irving Miller was arrested on Friday (02/09/24) and is facing a variety of serious charges including:

  • 5 21a-279(a)(1) Pos Control Substnce 1st Offns
  • 4 21a-277(a(1A+ Poss Intent Sell/dspns Narctic
  • 21a-267(a) Use Of Drug Paraphernalia
  • 14-213b Ill Opn Mv Wo Minimum Insurnce
  • 14-12(a)* Operate/parks Unregistrd Mv

The release details the arrest saying:

"Miller was observed operating his vehicle with a suspended registration for failing to maintain insurance requirements. Subsequent investigation revealed that Miller was in possession of crystal methamphetamine in both rock form and liquefied into a hypodermic needle prepared for injection. He was transported to Troop L in Litchfield where he was processed and released on a $10,000 non-surety bond."

According to WFSB: "Miller was appointed to the Woodbury United Methodist Church back in July, the church’s website previously listed. The entry has since been removed."

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