The weather Gods are smiling down upon Salisbury, Connecticut. The forecast calls for sunny skies with temps in the 30's, so it will be perfect weather for a nearly century old tradition to thrill us this weekend.

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The 98th Annual Salisbury Ski Jumps Jumpfest, and all of the other fun activities that go along with it, including the Human Dog Sled Race, Brewfest, Target Jumping and those toasy bonfires, is happening this weekend - Friday February 2 - Sunday February 4, 2024.

The event is taking place on Satre Hill in Salisbury which is off of Rt. 44 at 80 Indian Cave Road, in the area behind the Labonne's in town. My wife clued me in on this wonderful event over the past few years as she's been working in the Northwest corner at Hotchkiss and Salisbury schools. It's incredible to watch people brave enough to hurl themselves down that jump, leap over a hundred feet at times, at up to 30-40-50 miles per hour. The Main Event happens on Saturday at 1PM, when the Salisbury Invitational 65 Meter Ski Jump, the granddaddy event of them all, takes place. Friends, relatives, and spectators - bring your cowbell.

The other Main Event occurs on Sunday at 1PM, when the Eastern US Ski Jumping Championships take place. If you're looking to watch the Human Dog Sled Event and Target Jumping, get there tonight - Friday - the gates will open at 6PM, and the festivities start with the Target Jumping at 7.

Admission is free Friday evening, $15 for Adults on Saturday and Sunday, with free admission for children 12 & under. You can find out more HERE Rates Newtown's 'Nouveau Monde' One of the Best Restaurants in CT

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